Porterville Amateur Repeater Association  (PARA)

Local Repeaters

PARA operates several repeater systems in the Tulare County/San Joaquin Valley area. Systems listed below are open and available for use by all licensed amateurs.

PARA Repeaters
KE6WDX146.655 Mhz- 0.6 Mhz123 Hz Located on Republican Hill, north of Porterville, CA., at 1140 ft.
N 36 06.4, W 119 01.8
Good coverage to Porterville, some of the flat areas to the West, and some of the mountain areas to the East.
link ON1
KE6WDX146.970 Mhz- 0.6 Mhz100 Hz Located at the Marriott Hotel, Visalia, CA.
N 36 19.7  W 119 17.5
Serving the Visalia area.
link ON1
KE6WDX145.310 Mhz- 0.6 Mhz100 Hz located east of Visalia, CA. on Blue Ridge at 5700 feet,
N 36 17.22,  W 118 50.3
link ON3
KE6WDX441.975 Mhz+ 5.0 Mhz100 HzBlue Ridge link ON3

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